Which Spark Plugs For My Honda ?

One of the most common questions asked apart from the notorious “Which Oil Should I use ?” Question.

I’m going to break this one down in to a quick post, we will assume that you know what a spark plug is and how it works.


Quick Reference table Here for the plugs – scroll down to read more about Plugs

Honda B16 Engines (VTI)

Stock Plugs – BKR6E-N-11

Upgrade Plugs – Iridium – BKR6EIX-11

Modified Engine – Iridium – BKR7EIX-11

Honda B18 Engines (DC2 Type R and GSR)

Stock Plugs – Platinum – PFR7G-11S

Upgrade Plug- Iridium – BKR7EIX-11

Modified Engine – Iridium – BKR8EIX

Honda K20A/K20Z (EP3 and DC5 Civic/Integra Type R)

Stock Plugs – Laser Iridium – IFR7G-11KS

Modified Engine – Iridium – BKR8EIX

There are two areas of focus – 

1) The material of the Spark Plug Tip (Copper, Iridium etc…)

2) Heat Range (Typically a number like 6/7/8….etc)

We are authorised NGK Dealers, so I will focus on NGK Plugs here.


Typically the tip material corresponds to how resistant the plug is to wear and tear and therefore how long the plug lasts.


Copper/Nickel Tip Plugs

Starting at the bottom, we have Copper Tip Spark Plugs. These are the oldest plug technology and have been refined over the years. 

Copper is quite a soft material and therefore these plugs will last around 6-10,000 miles under normal use. 

Most performance cars post 2001 no longer use this technology.  

Honda B16A Engines had Copper tip plugs installed from the factory.

Platinum Tip Plugs

Moving on to the next level up are the Platinum tipped plugs.

This is a much harder material and more resistant to wear. 

They will last up to 60,000 miles under normal driving conditions !

Honda B16B, B18C and S2000 Engines have Platinum tip Spark Plugs installed from the factory.

Iridium and Laser Iridium Plugs 

These are currently the top level plugs.

These are up to six times stronger and harder and up to eight times stronger than Platinum plugs.

They also last up to 25% longer than Platinum plugs.

NGK has two types of Iridium Plugs

Laser Iridium – These are OEM plugs as fitted to cars which had Iridium Plugs as Standard

Iridium IX – These are upgrade plugs for cars that had Copper or Platinum plugs fitted from Factory.

Iridium and Laser Iridium are clearly ahead of the game, but there is another aspect we need to look at

Spark Plug Heat Range

Spark plug heat range refers to how efficiently the spark plug moves heat away from the ignition end to the coil end.

The spark plug insulator material is configured in different ways depending on the heat range of the plug.

Generally speaking, the hotter the combustion temperature, the higher the heat range is selected.

Higher heat range is not always better performance.

The higher heat range plugs are designed to work in engines where the combustion chamber runs at a higher temperature. Using higher temperature plugs in a stock engine will actually lose performance !

Speak to your tuner/mapper to see what heat range plug you should be using if your engine is modified !

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