Only the best quality

At Japserviceparts, we carefully select brands that we stock and sell. A large proportion of our parts are sourced from Japan where quality level and controls are generally among the highest in the world.

  • This allows us to maintain high quality levels, and for you the customer this means:
  • First time fitment: Parts fit exactly without modification.
  • Reliability: No worries about repeat failures or short life.
  • Durability: Parts designed to last!
  • No fakes: We are strictly against counterfeit parts!

The parts we sell are classified in to the following categories:

a) Genuine Parts

Same as Buying from the Dealer

These are Genuine Parts from the car manufacturer. Parts will be the same as if bought from the vehicle manufacturer (dealer). These are supplied in manufacturers unopened packaging with all manufacturer labels etc.

b) OEM Parts

Genuine Quality

These are parts manufactured by the same manufacturer as the Genuine Part.

It is common knowledge that most car parts are manufactured by other companies and then supplied to the car manufacturer who uses the parts to assemble the car.

As an example, virtually no car manufacturer produces their own bearings. Bearings are produced by Koyo/NTN/NSK/NACHI among other manufacturers.

An example of an OEM part is a wheel bearing supplied in Koyo Brand for example, if Koyo was the same manufacturer producing the genuine part.

The term “OEM parts” has been misused by many parts suppliers. Many suppliers claim that their parts are “made in the same factory as genuine parts”, which is mostly not true.


Cost effective High Quality Parts

Some parts are only manufactured in house by the vehicle manufacturer. Take for example body panels, typically for the best quality, Genuine parts would be the only option available.

Depending on the part in question, there are some manufacturers who specialise in producing those parts. Price is normally much better than Genuine.

As for quality, it may be good, average or bad depending on the manufacturer. We seek out the best manufacturers and normally test OE parts before offering them for sale on our site.