PROSTAFF Brake Dust and Fallout Remover Car Shampoo

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PROSTAFF Brake Dust and Fallout Remover Car Shampoo

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PROSTAFF are a premium Japanese Car Care Manufacturer.
For over 30 years, they have produced cleaning and car care products that outperform the competition.

A shampoo containing iron fallout remover.

Brake dust and iron particles from traffic over time get embedded in car paintwork.
This causes car paintwork to lose its shine. In addiion these particles can rust causing damage to car paintwork and bodywork.

This shampoo is a special formulation that cleans the car, as well as having an iron fallout remover built in.
The shampoo colour will change to purple when in contact with iron particles.

Usage instructions:
1. Rinse the car body with water to remove all loose dust and mud.
2. Put the shampoo directly on a wet sponge and gently squeeze the sponge until it foams.
3. Wipe to wash the car body using the sponge
4. Rinse the shampoo foam thoroughly after wash.


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