PROSTAFF Gel Block Deodrizer and odour eliminator for Car and Bathroom

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PROSTAFF Gel Block Deodrizer and odour eliminator for Car and Bathroom

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PROSTAFF are a premium Japanese Car Care Manufacturer.
For over 30 years, they have produced cleaning and car care products that outperform the competition.

Car Odour eliminator and Car Deodrizer – Gel type

A handy gel type odour eliminator that can be placed anyhwere inside the car to continuously eliminate odours.

The active ingredients work to break down bacteria such as mould and other bacteria to remove odours and smells.

Getting rid of odours and smells in the car can be tricky. Most car odour eliminators work by masking smells with a perfume to hide the odour.

This prodoct is odourless and contains no perfume. The active ingredients get rid of odours by breaking down the bacteria causing the odour instead of masking the odour.

Non-scented and safe for children.

Can also be used indoors in the kitchen, bathroom etca

Recommended to replace it with a new one every 1-2 months.


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